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Audio Lessons


The following are a few of the full-length lessons that Marci has taught in various locations.  May they encourage, teach and bless all those who listen to them.

Biblical Discernment.png
Biblical Discernment in the Health Arena

In response to the frequent questions about alternative health practices, Marci began teaching a webinar series to provide solid biblical teaching to aid Christians in discerning what is good or evil. To receive notifications for upcoming webinars, subscribe to this website. Links to previous webinars in this series can be accessed on Youtube (click on button to be directed to them).

a heart at peace
Life to the Body--Biblical Principles that Bring Health & Healing  (8 lessons)
a heart at peace
11 Reasons to Conclude Muscle Testing is Divination

Muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology) is being used to determine people's health decisions for everything imaginable, but does it work through physical means or spiritual? In this lesson, Marci discusses the answer to this pivotal question from all different angles, including her own story of involvement and compelling scientific evidence.

Have you ever wondered what the Bible has to say about matters of health? Marci spent 2 decades sick before studying in-depth, Genesis to Revelation looking for answers to her health issues. Now healthy for 8 years, Marci teaches other women in the Bible study series, "Life to the Body--Biblical Principles that Bring Health & Healing."

a heart at peace
A Heart at Peace

For 17 years Marci struggled with multiple health issues that kept her in frequent to constant pain and suffering.  Listen to the testimony of her healing and how a "heart at peace gives life to the body."  Proverbs 14:30

The Julin Story:
A Struggle with God & Man

Marci shares the personal testimony of when she and her husband were falsely accused of child abuse.  The heart-wrenching, yet victorious story to save their three-year-old son from the state of Florida will inspire you to trust God in whatever trial you might be facing.

never alone in the storm
Never Alone in the Storm

Life is full of storms, but as a Christian we're promised that we have the presence of the Holy Spirit with us always.  In this lesson Marci shares about a time of "storms" in her life when she couldn't "feel" God's presence but the comfort that came through the story of the disciples in a storm on the Sea of Gallilee, when they too thought they were alone.

Can the Bible be Trusted?

In this lesson, Marci gives abundant evidence that the Bible is indeed the inerrant and inspired Word of God.

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