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Bible Studies


Below are descriptions of a few of the Bible studies for women that Marci has taught or currently is teaching along with links to excerpts from those studies.  All of her material for these studies has come from prayerful, personal study using multiple resources.  If you or your church are interested in hosting a women's Bible study, contact Marci to discuss the possibilities.  The cost is minimal.  Her desire is to aid women in their walk with the Lord by providing solid, interesting teaching, not to earn a living by doing so. 

a heart at peace
Life to the Body--Biblical Principles that Bring Health & Healing  (8 lessons)
the works of the LORD
Fulfilled Prophecies of the Bible--
Part 1

So many these days talk about end times prophecies.  This is fitting and right, but how many know anything at all about the many detailed fulfilled prophecies regarding the nations from Old Testament times that are testimonies of God's sovereign control over the events of man?  With endless hours of meticulous research, Marci created a series of lessons that melds ancient history with the Old Testament.  Not a  history buff?   Don't worry.  You will be enthralled as you hear story after story that reveal the works of the LORD, not to mention gaining a far greater understanding of the context of Old Testament.  You will end the study with an overwhelming sense of the power, sovereignty, and faithfulness of God that will permeate your view of events yet to come.

the peace filled life
The Peace Filled Life

Would you characterize your days as full of stress or full of peace? We live at a time and in a culture characterized by anxiety, not peace.  As a result, it’s easy to ignore the inward and outward turmoil we experience daily.  Scripture, however, indicates that the very presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives should permeate every area of the believer with life and peace.  This study looks at what Scripture says about being at peace with God, yourself, & others.

the works of the LORD
Fulfilled Prophecies of the Bible--
Part 2

Part 2 picks up where Part 1 left off.  Moving forward in Bible times, we'll dive into the deep waters of Daniel, not to look at the end times, but to admire God's handiwork in fulfilling the most detailed prophecy in the Bible, spanning 4 empires with phenominal precision--Dan.11. Then learn the fascinating story of the city of Tyre's destruction.  History truly is HIS story as over and over again God raised up rulers, nations & empires and then brought them down again.  When you see the hand of God so powerfully in the pages of history, you will be inspired to trust Him more with the events of your own life.  Part 1 & Part 2 are especially excellent for knowledgable Christians who will be excited with learning new material for a change.

foundations of the Bible
Foundations of the Bible

To truly understand the New Testament one must know the foundations that were established in the Old Testament.  This study considers the principles, pictures or types, and the patriarchs that form the unshakable foundation for God's work among mankind.  If you want to gain the "big picture" of Scripture, this is the study for you.

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