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February 7, 2016

 Part 3 in Christians Beware of Muscle Testing




The temperature must have been well over a hundred, but after several weeks in India's summer heat we hardly noticed it anymore.  On this particular day of my summer mission trip experience, my team biked to a remote vil...

Part 2 in "Christians Beware of Muscle Testing"

Like walking down a dark alley alone evokes wariness, a tremendous sense of unease enveloped me when I began my journey into the world of Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing). In the days following my first appointment tha...

January 28, 2016



Part 1 of the series,

"Christians Beware of Muscle Testing"


None of us likes to be deceived. As much as I hate to say it, I'm ashamed to admit that I unknowingly fell prey to one particular case of deception--muscle testing (otherwise known as Applied Kinesiology). I...

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