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When You Can't Trust His Heart addresses the dark places of our lives that we long to hide from God. Through different Scriptures as well as a series of stories from Marci's life, we are shown a God who loves us when we are at our worst. These treasured narratives help the book flow easily and make it enjoyable. Marci has opened her heart to us so we might be able to relate the events to our own story. She unearths our fears and brings us to a place of restorative peace in trusting our loving Savior. 

Alyssa Shriner

college student at Florida Southern

I just finished reading her book. You can't imagine how much her words and feelings have inspired me.  Yes, "life is hard"...."life isn't fair"..... Anyone can relate to these phrases.  Marci's personal journey is a testimony to her faith.  It is a book for all ages.  I liked the way she tells stories and brings Scriptures into the mix to show that what she is writing is based on God's word and how God worked in her life to bring her where she is now.  I know that whenever I let doubt creep in, which I have to work on, this book will be a go to reading for me.

      Anne Bishop

retired school teacher in Odenton, MD

Here's what readers are saying about Marci Julin's book...



You have heard it said,

When you can't see His hand, trust His heart,

but what if you can't trust His heart?


Suffering fills life.  Christians may be saved, but far too many are desperately hurting and as a result, struggling in their walk with the Lord.  For many, the struggle with God over painful circumstances leads to a lack of trust in Him and an inability to recognize His personal love. 


Written with raw vulnerability, Marci Julin shares her own deep struggle with trusting a God who seemed to wound her at every turn.  Yet, through God's life changing Word, He broke through Marci's brokenness and brought a profound   realization of His limitless love.  Journey with her in the pages of this book and transform your relationship with your Savior!

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