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Does the Bible have anything to say about matters of health?  That is a question Christians should be asking, yet few are.  After two decades of pain and illness, Marci Julin finally did.  Having exhausted all other options, yet reduced to living as an invalid, she had time and motivation to consider a new thought:  "Surely, the Creator and Sustainer of life must have something to say about health in His Word!"

While searching Genesis to Revelation for answers, Marci discovered biblical principles for health that led to her complete healing from thirteen diagnosed conditions.  Much suffering could have been avoided if she had only known God's answers sooner!

Now, after almost 9 years of abundant health and continued in-depth study, Marci shares the biblical principles that bring life to the body.  By combining Scriptural truth with the latest in scientific research from fields such as neuroscience, epigenetics, and neurocardiology, Marci powerfully reveals answers that Christians need to know.

Topics include:

  • Why so few are healed and how to change that.

  • Harnessing the power of the heart to flood every cell of your body with life.

  • DNA does not necessarily determine destiny.

  • Why the Bible and Epigenetics offer hope to parents of sick children.

  • How to end life-long depression, anxiety disorders, and OCD.

  • A possible connection between autoimmune disease and the heart.

  • How to biblically interpret ever-changing perspectives on nutrition.

Sick or well, everyone needs to know the life-giving truths found in God's Word.  Make a fresh start today by learning the principles that give life to the body.

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