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Are you looking for a speaker your ladies will love

for your next special event? 





Marci engages ladies with stories and illustrations that make biblical truths clear and applicable. 


Her vulnerable style allows women to relate easily to her as someone who seeks to know God more, but who still struggles just as they do. 

Here's What People are Saying about Marci:

I believe she is one of the best Christians I have ever met; she is just so real.  It’s so hard to find that in people.   And she knows the meaning of Scripture.  Her lessons and how she teaches have made me a better person, and if Marci was meant to make an impact in one person's life, she did, and it was mine!  Sarah Koontz

I have enjoyed learning so much through her teaching of Bible history and Bible prophecy, and how it all plays out with one another.  I was very impressed to observe how much time and effort Mrs. Julin spent in her research for her classes. Her teaching of Bible History and Prophecy is thorough and concise

                   Yvonne Castro-giovanni

Her style of teaching and knowledge of the Bible is unmatched by anyone I've ever had the occasion to learn from.   Janell Newton 

We all enjoy Marci's teachings and are striving to be even half the follower she is.  She is a true inspiration to all of us and appreciate the gift God has given her so that she can share her knowledge with us!  We all love her attitude, enthusiasm and love toward God!          Kay Summers

Marci is a very intelligent and well spoken woman.  She is truly blessed with a gift.  Gail Sparks

I have been encouraged and blessed many times by the biblical teaching of Marci Julin. In a day when so many Bible teachers seem compelled to saturate their listeners with endless stories and even theatrical antics. Marci stands out as a Bible teacher whose main concern is explaining the text of Scripture and trusting the promises contained therein. Marci’s teaching style is unusually thorough for our times and her illustrations are powerfully linked to the passage she is focused on for the edification of the listener.


Marci’s organized style really helps the listener glean nourishment from God’s Word and confidence in the clarity of The Scriptures.


For small or large groups interested in “Growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”, I strongly recommend you invite Marci to your next gathering. 

               Christine Freeman

                    (wife of Pastor Hoby Freeman)

If it's a one session engagement, Marci would be pleased to prepare material especially for your topic of interest that will speak to the hearts and minds of your women's group.  If you're looking for a retreat speaker, check out the Women's Retreat page for potential topics.  If you're in the Orlando area and are looking for a knowledgeable, live teacher for the same individual cost of a typical Bible study workbook, check out the Bible Studies page for possible studies.


Because Marci considers the sharing of the Gospel to be her greatest privilege, she would be pleased to do so for any children's or women's event for only the cost of the gas needed for travel in the Orlando area.  She has been presenting the Gospel to children since she was 13 years old and does so in a clear manner that children can understand and find interesting.  (Listen here to know the general format for adults that she uses.)

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