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Women's Retreats


Are you looking for a speaker your ladies will love

for your next retreat? 


If your church is serious about encouraging and equiping women to live the Christian life, then Marci Julin can help further that goal.  Her passion and love for the Lord and His Word will encourage your ladies to walk more closely with their Savior in knowledge and in action.   Women respond well to Biblical truth made real and understandable through a teaching style that weaves together vulnerability, illustrations, humor, and relevant topics.


If your church doesn't have a large budget to work with, don't worry.  Marci's desire is to give solid teaching with as little cost to the body of Christ as possible.  Below are the retreat series  currently available.  If you don't see something that fits what you're women are looking for,  she loves to study and prepare new material as long as time allows.  Contact her with any questions you might have including available dates and pricing.



Featured Retreat

trust the Lord with heart and mind
Twin Keys to Unlocking Trust in God--
His Love & Sovereignty

Fear and anxiety are epidemic among women today as we struggle to trust God in the midst of never-ending stress, say nothing of the pain and trials that permeate life.  In this particular 4 session retreat, I weave together my testimony of God's incredible work in my heart and mind to bring me, a once terribly hurting soul, to a place of trust along with the powerful truths of Scripture on God's unfailing love and His perfect sovereignty. 

Here's What Women Have Said About this Retreat:

Marci was refreshing in her understanding of pain in trials and encouraging in the process of learning to see God's love and purposes.

                                        Regina,  Sanford, FL


Wow!  The truths you shared with us this weekend are life-changing!  I really appreciate your transparency in your own life and that you backed your message with many Scriptures, as well as historical facts, and illustrations from your own life.  Thank you so much!

                                  Linda Windall,  Orlando, FL

Marci has such  strong and beautiful love for the Lord.  The methods that she uses in understanding God and His individual love for each of us are amazing tools.  I feel so grateful to hear her story and to be encouraged by her.  Thank you Marci.

                             Krystal Clemons, Maitland, FL

the works of the LORD
Remember the Works of the LORD & Find Encouragement for the Days to Come

We live in such uncertain times and interest in end-times prophecies abounds.  Although this interest is appropriate, throughout Scripture God's people are also told to remember the works of the LORD.  Fullfilled prophecy and other mighty works of God through the ages reveal His unchangeable character that provide encouragement for the present and the future.   This series of four lessons takes the best from the 2 part Bible study, "Remember the Works of the LORD & Find Encouragement for the Days to Come."  Your ladies will go away in absolute awe at Almighty God and inspired to worship rather than fear.

no longer I but Christ
No Longer I But Christ

Women long for the abundant Christian life, but so often it gets lost in the midst of the constant demands of life.  The harder we try to be the perfect Christian, the more frustrated it seems we become.  Romans 6-8 contrasts the Christian life that is lived according to the sin nature with one that is lived through the Spirit.  These four lessons show how our position in Christ  and the work of the Holy Spirit in us, not self-effort, overcome strongholds, brings peace, and makes  the abundant Christian life a reality.

women's retreats
Your Desired Topic

Perhaps your women's group desires a speaker on a particular topic.  Marci loves to study and prepare new teaching material from the Bible, but her in-depth style of preparation and teaching demand lots of time to arrive at a final product.  Contact Marci to discuss the topic you're interested in and whether her schedule allows adequate time to create tailor- made retreat lessons for your women's group.

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