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The events recorded are true.  They ocurred in December 1997 to April 1998.  The recording was made by Marci while speaking to a group of women in 2014.  All names except for the attorneys' have been changed or deleted from the recording.



Marci, Caleb and Seth Julin at Disney thanks to someone's kind gift during their ordeal.

60 people gathered in our tiny home to celebrate Caleb's return home.



The Julin Story-

A Struggle with Man & God



In this recording Marci shares a compelling personal testimony of God's character as it was revealed through His mighty work on behalf of her family when she was falsely and vengefully accused of child abuse.  It is a heart-wrenching yet triumphant story--a modern day Joseph account, in a sense.   Although it wasn't easy to retell, she hopes it blesses you by doing so




It is a story about how bad man can be, but how good God is.

Check out the blog post, "Vantage Point," which  corresponds with the Julin Story.

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