During the years since first publishing the blog articles on muscle testing, Marci has been in contact with well-over a hundred people who have shared their stories with her and asked further questions about alternative health. In response, she is now teaching webinars that attempt to address the questions people commonly ask with in-depth, biblical answers. Her goal is to encourage believers to filter every teaching and practice in health  through Scripture, the source for truth.

In Part 1 of "Have Satan & His Demons Made Me Sick?", Marci considers Satan's use of counterfeit illnesses to defraud the people of God. If you have unexplained symptoms, this webinar is a must! Part 2 addresses the solution to the problem of spiritual attack in the area of health but can be applied to any area of spiritual warfare.

Future webinars will address topics such as what does the Bible say about Energy Medicine and does the Bible teach that "the body will heal itself if you give it what it needs"? Other possible topics will include essential oils and herbs, environmental sensitivities, nutrition, and arguments against Marci's conclusion that muscle testing truly is divination.

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