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Countless people suffer daily from endless pain, frequent doctor's appointments and tests, and the hopelessness that chronic illness brings.  I know the struggle all too well.  After nearly two decades of suffering from multiple illnesses and seemingly endless symptoms, I finally decided to really seek to know what God's Word says about health. 


I read almost the entire Bible in less than three months, searching for God's perspective on health, illness, & healing and was shocked at how much God has to say on those topics.  I realized the prophet Hosea was spot-on when he said, "my people perish from lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6)   The knowledge I discovered changed my life and brought healing to my spirit, soul, & body.  I then spent the last 8 years doing in-depth Bible study on the passages I found in 52 out of the 66 books of the Bible that speak directly to illness and reveal life-transforming truth. 


Shockingly, no one seems to teach on this relevant topic, and so I've decided to share what I've learned.  If you suffer from chronic illness/pain or simply have an interest in the topic, I hope you'll join me in the pursuit of God's truth on our health. 


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