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Walking With the Spirit

In preparation for speaking at a church retreat, I studied the Scriptures regarding the work of the Holy Spirit and tried to put into practice my understanding of what I learned. An intriguing concept emerged. The Bible speaks of life with the Spirit as being a walk. The King James Version says in Romans 8:4 that Jesus met the requirements of the law so that we can walk, not after the flesh but after the Spirit. The NIV uses the word “live” instead of walk, but the original Greek word literally means, “to tread all around, i.e. to walk at large." A walk implied two things to me. First, it is not a work; it is a walk. Then second, to “walk after” implies subjection” (The Normal Christi

Should Culture Dictate the Interpretation of Scriptures Regarding Women?

This morning I relished the developing plot of my latest Christian novel as I ate my traditional bowl of granola for breakfast. My interest piqued when the characters turned to a discussion on truth, which has recently been a topic of interest in our family, as discussions on the nature of truth seem to be cropping up in many a movie of late. I, therefore, read on with keen interest. Not surprisingly, the secular character argued that each generation should determine what is true for itself; after all, absolute truth doesn't exist. I began considering this view of truth in light of how more and more modern Christians seem to be interpreting the Bible. Just this past week, and on two se

The Surprising Root of Stress

How many times a day do you suppose you say the word, "stress" or hear it used? Even small children banter the word about as readily as any adult. However, as a child, I don't believe I even knew of the word's existence (and I'm not that old). Sure, we all now know in our enlightened age that stress has a negative effect on our bodies, but I'd bet that you're not aware of some key details that science has revealed of late about what seems to be the overarching root of stress. It may shock you. I recently watched a documentary on this topic called, "Stress--Portrait of a Killer," which was fascinatingly informative, as well as entertaining, thanks to the humorous manner of speech used th

The Other Love of My Life

A new day dawns and the familiar routine begins in assisting my husband in getting out the door, fed and prepared for another day of work. With a kiss, he's off, and then I'm free to privately indulge my longing to spend time over a cup of coffee with the other love of my life. Nestled into my comfy recliner with a view of birds and flowers out my window, I settle in to spend time with the lover of my soul. This is the time I live for. I'm always amazed, as I listen and consider His thoughts, how brilliant and insightful He is, and wonder why He would bother to share His thoughts with the likes of me. Sometimes I'm distracted, I admit, but He patiently waits while I determine to set aside

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