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Removing the Veil--Muscle Testing Seen in Light of Scripture

Part 3 in Christians Beware of Muscle Testing The temperature must have been well over a hundred, but after several weeks in India's summer heat we hardly noticed it anymore. On this particular day of my summer mission trip experience, my team biked to a remote village to share the Gospel. With only dust-packed ground and round, thatched huts the villagers had little and gladly welcomed the Americans who would pray for them and tell them about the one, true God of the Bible, who loved them enough to die for their sins. As a group of us stood with our eyes closed, praying through a translator for a woman standing in the opening of her hut, we suddenly heard screaming. Eyes immediately ope

Muscle Testing--Repackaged Divination

Part 2 in "Christians Beware of Muscle Testing" Like walking down a dark alley alone evokes wariness, a tremendous sense of unease enveloped me when I began my journey into the world of Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing). In the days following my first appointment that sense of unease motivated me to think and pray a lot about muscle testing and NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique). These branches of alternative medicine claim to be effective in determining allergies that cause illness by quickly testing muscles for strength and weakness and then eliminating those allergies through a simple treatment. If I had not been so desperate for relief and experienced such a dramatic "

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