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The Name of God

What would Jesus do? This common & ever popular question gets bantered around among Christians with little actual awareness of what Jesus was actually like. When we see blatant sin among supposed Christians, are we to respond with meekness and love? Is that what Jesus did? When He encountered people who considered themselves righteous profaning His Father's house with a selfish pursuit of profit rather than worship, what did Jesus do? (John 2:12-17) When He encountered people who considered themselves righteous behaving unrighteously, how did Jesus speak to them--certainly not with meekness and encouraging words! (Matthew 23:1-36) Jesus gave full vent to His righteous anger in word an

Oh, To Hear Those Words!

​ ​Do you ever have days when the good that you do appears pointless and oh, so tiresome? A day when cooking yet another meal for your family that will be eaten and quickly forgotten seems bothersome? A day when devoting all of your time and energy to raising children who press ever-forward in their willful ways exhausts you to your core? A day when caring for an elderly parent who tries your patience at every turn leaves you seriously contemplating any other alternative? A day when volunteering your time in ministry appears fruitless? A day when your feelings have you convinced that everyone else must have a better, happier, more fruitful life than you? The first half of Wednesday wa

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